Unable to get Slider to appear in Accordion

The bullets are there but no images when using internal Preview or “Preview Page in Google Chrome.”
Works OK when not in Accordion
As always, help is appreciated.

I’m having the same issue with Slider inside of Modal. The bullets appear, but not the images. Slider behaves like the images are there, adjusting the height to match the image sizes and rotating through the bullets, but it just displays a blank white space. This happens in RW preview and on my live site after publishing.

Hi @Phloque and @limajuliettango

Sorry I missed your original post @Phloque. The issue you are both running into is that the Slider is not visible at the time of page load. A slider in general usually needs to be able to “see” the page and the area it will be in so that is can do the math and whatnot to get itself setup and ready to go.

In an Accordion or a Modal the Slider is hidden at the time of page load, so it is unable to know the space it has to work with and thinks that that space is, well, nothing – zero. So it is sized appropriately to fit into nothingness, making its content not visible.

All that to say that the Slider will not work in the situations you’ve both tried putting it into.

Thanks for the quick reply. After some experimenting I found that changing the Slider transition from slide to fade resolved the issue. I’m not sure why, but it works well inside of Modal now.

@Phloque you may want to try this with Accordion.

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