Undefined Variable Error Message on my Alloy Pages

Hi - and apologies if this topic has already been covered. I’ve done a quick sweep of the forum and can’t see anything in support of this PHP error message.

The error messages in question only today revealed themselves and during a customer support call about another matter. If I’m honest I wasn’t convinced of the abilities of the person that I was talking to and feel that she was providing ‘lip service’ rather than any knowledgeable solutions !

Anyway , to cut a long story short it was during this support call that that about 5 of my websites suddenly started showing the following error messages :

Notice: Undefined variable: urlID in/home/nataliegreetham2/public_html/nonnassupperclub.co.uk/index.php** on line 1459"

There are numerous instances of these at the top and bottom of any page that uses the Alloy stack ( see attached screenshot) ,

Has anyone come across something similar ? if so I’d love to know how you corrected this and whether it is an Alloy issue or server issue. My host is running a server that uses cPanel v102.0, PHP v7.4.33, Apache v2.4.55. I am running Rapidweaver rung v8.9.4, Stacks 4.3, Foundry 2.4.5 and Alloy 3.3.2.

I’m currently having to disable all instance of where Alloy features on my websites in an effort to return to some kind of normality and for these same websites to display normally.

Thanks in advance . Justin :grinning:

Your PHP install has Display Errors and Warnings turned on. Disable that in your PHP settings. Those warnings are merely Notices and not errors.

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That’s brilliant thank you @elixirgraphics . I now have to spend the rest of my Saturday afternoon uploading all the websites that use Alloy back onto my server - after spending a hours disabling any pages using .php. What I need to do now is to also go back to my customer support person to notify her that it not a ‘developer’ issue after all. I have feeling that this is the standard comment when they don’t know what they’re doing - or can’t help. And it’s getting worse !!!

Awesome support as per useful Adam. Thanks again :pray:

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