Unexpected php file

I’m trying to sort out an issue with one of our sites. When I run the alloy editor and edit or create a post a file “field.php” is created in the “droplets” folder on the server. It gets recreated when I logout of the editor page (having previously deleted it)

I just need confirmation that this not part of Alloy - or is but given its contents I doubt that.


Good morning @wirrah

No, Alloy does not create a field.php file at all. Much less in the Droplets folder. Alloy doesn’t build any php files on the fly. Meaning it doesn’t generate new php files on the server when it runs. And Alloy does not create any files in the Posts, Embeds or Droplets folders besides the Markdown files for those contents.

Out of my own curiosity I’d love to see this field.php file. Could you create a ZIP file containing it and email it to me at adam at elixirgraphics dot com when you get a sec?

As I thought was the case!

Email sent.

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