Updated a Music Website

##Jade & Alex

An update of a simple website about the earlier days of Edward Sharpe and the Magentic Zeros

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I was having a look at your site, I liked the layout, so was looking at the source as I was curious as to how you put the site together when I noticed you had made two calls to google fonts for Lato:500. If you look at the fonts available for Lato on the fonts.google.com site you will notice that lato:500 is not an option resulting in this error:

https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lato:500, Failed to load resource:

Again, I liked the site and the layout, great work. This note was just in case you missed the error.

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Thanks for spotting that Dan @dks0035. I have changed it. Hopefully it is okay now. I really am just a beginner at Foundry but I am learning fast as I can.

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Very beautiful :slight_smile: Could you store your videos on a server which does not show advertisement? This was the only thing that disturbed me…

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Good question Jan @Fuellemann. I didn’t know that was possible. The videos are from youtube and I am using site5.com servers for hosting. Any ideas?

Do you have the rights on the videos (or someone you know)?

No I don’t. The only reason I have used them is because I like them and was hoping others would too. However, you raise a good point. I have a few other websites that use youtube videos. Maybe its best I just take them all down and off the web completely - it would not be problem to do that but just a shame that good information or music doesn’t get out there. I have read many times the Google embedding controversy or the ill-defined copyright issues etc. and, as always, I remain confused. A takedown and deleting of these websites is probably the best thing to do.

Actually, I have just removed 5 websites completely from the web, which were all just for information, fun and even spiritual relaxation. I really don’t be wish to mess around in the area of copyright (is it right or is it wrong) considering I am in the process of building a website to show how governments and private organisations can aid innovators - there will be no videos but my own on there ;):wink:

Patrick: I’m not sure why you would take the videos down. I mainly use my own videos, but also use those of others. I create educational websites so being able to use good resources is important. Typically the site will let you know if a video can be shared and under what conditions. (This issue is even more important with still images.) For many videos they’d love for you to share with others! But people do need to have some way of knowing who made the video. Depending on how you embed/share this may not always be obvious. Typically one line of text (above or below the video) is all you’ll need: including a relevant link.

As long as they are public on youtube and they provide an embedded code, it is fine. Its just when you want to copy and host it somewhere else you need the rights to do so.

Oh, yes, most definitely! The website had been removed so I don’t know what the videos were or where they came from.

I feel more comfortable with the websites removed, especially as I had them on my web design website. I was just basically using a link in a youtube stack and in some of the websites I gave the full link and a short description, which is probably fine. However, it has been on my mind for some time to stop using others information and start making my own videos and put them via Youtube on my own websites - for education particularly. I feel that when I learn, I would like others to know what I know. It was all done with sincere intentions. Thanks Jan for your initial comment as it sparked me into the right direction for the future.

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Use Vimeo to host them :slight_smile: And if you need some good intros - please talk to me!

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