Upgrading to MacOS Sonoma

I run seamless RW on a Mac Studio M2 Max with OS Venture and a planning to upgrade to OS Sonoma, but could there be issues with Foundry and Elixir Stacks?

Hi, I run Sonoma latest release on M2 ultra with RW classic, Stacks 5 and Foundry 3 (with Alloy) : no problem until now :crossed_fingers:

Foundry doesn’t interface with the Operating System, so wouldn’t cause any problems.

Rapidweaver and Stacks (the Yourhead product) do. There can be some odd Edit-mode display glitches with Sonoma, which as I understand it are because the current version of Stacks uses a deprecated Apple library.

None of this stops Rapidweaver, Stacks, or any stacks working, and I’d expect this to be fixed by Stacks Pro when it’s released.

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