Using 2 instances of 'Pin' on a page

I’ve used the excellent Foundry extras code to create a pinned “hamburger button” for the main menu in the top right of a page. I would also like to have a similar button in the top left of the page for quick links/additional info. I’ve created this but the second button does not function. I’m assuming the pin facility creates a greater index number to remain ontop in a fixed postion. Is there any way 2 pins can be used in a page? I’ve played around with columns and the like but no progress.

Hi All, Issue resolved with conditions. With my limited knowledge I understand for the ‘pin’ to work it needs to have the greatest index number in order to allow stacks below to move. Playing around with the positioning element of pin, I found that I could use top right and bottom right together, which satisfies my needs.

BTW I do find the Maker Template Pack a great way of playing around with ideas, so thanks for that. Back to the grind only another 800 pages to do!! Dropping data into templated pages I hasten to add.


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