Using Alloy on two pages

I think I may have seen the answer to this once before, but as I can’t find it I apologise if this is a repeated topic.

Is it possible to use Alloy on two separate pages with two different sets of content? The content on one page would be the normal list of blog articles and the other page would contain a list of links to newsletters. The design intent is that clicking a newsletter link will open the actual newsletter which would otherwise be concealed. Can I simply use the ‘Archive’ header and a list of newsletter dates as the ‘Categories List’ and the main content of the page?

Hi @AUW — you can have as many Alloy blogs on your site as you like, but only one blog per page. The key is making sure you use separate Posts folders for each blog.

As for your newsletters idea / question — I don’t think I follow what you’re trying to do specifically. That said you can definitely use multiple blogs per site. But I reiterate that you can only access one blog per page.

Adam - thank you. I’ll make sure I take on board the point about separate Posts folders.

I think the best way I can describe the ‘archive’ layout that I’m trying to achieve is to attach a screenshot from a blog/newsletter website that I follow. I obviously don’t want to plagiarise the design but this is the general look/function I would like to achieve. Each newsletter is listed with just the date and title, which is an active link to the relevant document.

You can do something similar with the Recent Posts stack for Alloy.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction - I’ll give that a go.