Using "Equalize" with images header and text


I have a big problem. I am using the columns stack with 3 column. Each column contains the “display” stack, within each display stack there is a equalize stack, within the equalize stack, there is an image at the top, then a header and then a paragraph.
I want to images to be the same height, also the headers and the paragraphs. With only headers and paragraphs, the columns are the same height and the headers and the paragraphs are also aligned at the same height. As soon as I add the images (they are different in size). the columns still have the same height, but the images are not, the headers now are not aligned anymore and so are the paragraphs.

This is how it should look like:


And this is how it looks in reality

The images in my example are all sized before adding them to the project. The stack does not auto size your images, that is something you need to do before adding them. Also, the images I’m nay example are added to the Display Topper. I can’t tell from a screenshot, but yours do not appear to be.

Without seeing how you’ve structured your layout we can’t help much further than general advice. If you post a link to a ZIP file that includes your project file with your version someone would surely be happy to help you.

Thank you very much for your help. I was adding the pictures to the topper, but as they did not have the same height, I thought, using an image stack with “equalize” would do the job.
Good to know, that I have to resize the pictures and then it should work.
I will try that.


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Not a problem. Don’t forget there’s also a tutorial video for Equalize Omni the Foundry documentation as well: Equalize Documentation

Thanks for your help.

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