Using Mask with Kinetic

I’m trying to put a wavy transition (using Mask) at the bottom of my hero slideshow (which uses Kinetic), but adding Kinetic to Mask’s drop zone doesn’t seem to do anything.

My goal is to have this look at the bottom of the slideshow:

My setup in the editor looks like this:

I had previously accomplished this using Weaver Space’s “Impact”, “Target” and “Seams” stacks to accomplish this, but I’ve just upgraded to Foundry 3 and would like to stick with Foundry-only tools if possible.

Your Mask would need to be inside Kinetic, you have it the other way around. You’d also need to set the height of the area within the Mask in some way as well, or add content inside the mask, as without content in the Mask it has a zero height.


Well, that explains it lol. Flipped it around and set the height of the content by adding a container. I set the container’s height to match that of the Kinetic stack and I’m all set. Thanks!


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