Using Slider stack with Grid stack

I’m looking for a certain type of image gallery and noticed in the Grid tutorial video he mentions about using it with the Slider stack for photos but doesn’t say how to do it.

Has anyone done this or know how I might be able to do this?

I’m using RW8.
Many thanks

Hey there @ahp – Might be easier if you describe the “certain type of image gallery” you’re looking to build and we can help from there. Using Slider within the Grid stack is as easy as dropping Slider into the grid items, like so though:

Hi thanks for the suggestion, I did try dropping sliders into the grid but it wasn’t really what I’m trying to achieve.

This is the type of gallery I am after:

The Gallery stack in Foundry is nice and easy but it is very slow to change image, and also I need a transparent background whilst in large image mode, if that makes sense.

Any other suggestions would be warmly welcomed.

Slider is not what you need for this sort of gallery of images. The Gallery stack does exactly the thing that the page you linked to is doing.

Not sure what you mean. Are you referring to the sliding animation?

This is already an option of the Gallery stack. Set this color…


…to 0% opacity in the color picker that pops up when you click on the Overlay color option…

These features are outlined in the Documentation page for the Gallery stack.

Wow yes the transparency is exactly what I was hoping for, I just missed it so many thanks for bringing that to my attention.
The slowness is of course the sliding animation. Can this be speeded up to make it more snappy?
Thanks again

@ahp I’m not writing this to be mean, but you definitely want to look over all the options in the right-hand side stacks info bar. There’s lots of options. Including, of course, pause length and speed. It’s really useful to check over all those options first. Typically the documentation will also answer your question.

See Slider Animation section in the attached screenshot for details. Click on the image to see the full length of this long image.

That is for Slider though. @ahp is referring to the Gallery stack. That said, I do not find the animation between slides in the Gallery stack to be slow. If you can show me an example of the animation functioning slowly I’d be happy to look at it. Be sure to provide a ZIP file with the project file and point me to the page with the slow Gallery slider. Also, a video of the slowness is appreciated as well.

My bad. Apologies. and a bit more text to hit 20 characters

No problem, it likely got confusing as we wandered back on forth the topic from Slider to Gallery.

Thanks so much for your responses and help. I’m thinking ‘slow’ is probably not the correct term. It is slower than the example in the link I sent. I’m used to that one which is instantaneous so users can display a new image almost as quick as they can click. But I won’t be using that one as it’s not a nice looking gallery - yours is far better looking so I’m going to use it.
It would be amazing to have more customisation options on the gallery stack or perhaps a pro version as a paid for stack. I’d be the first to purchase!

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The one you linked to uses no animations for changing between slides. I built the slider in Gallery to be less abrupt as to be more natural. Just my preference in designing the stack.

If you have specific requests email them to me.

Gallery is already a paid stack. You get it with your purchase of Foundry.

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Do you have a link to a test page? I looked at the Gallery demo page and that slideshow seems very quick to me. I could get a new image about as fast as I could click.

I think @ahp was just trying to say that the example he linked to has no animation, while the Gallery stack’s lightbox slider has one, which takes a second between each slide – that’s all.

Thanks - I’d love to email specific requests on this. What’s your email?

You can send a direct message here on the forum or email to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Thanks, will email later :slight_smile:

He made it sounds like your Gallery was very slow moving from image to image. I didn’t recall that to be the case and even with your transition, I wouldn’t think someone would call your example slow. I wanted to see if his images were very large and unoptimized. If that’s the case, the delay he’s seeing may not be from the transition and just do to the next image downloading.

I think we have it all sorted out now. Going to go ahead and close this thread up. :+1:

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