V2 install effect on existing V1 project

I just downloaded v2 upgrades of both Foundry and Potion Pack. So, if I install them, will my project built on v1 be untouched with v1 still available? I’m hoping both will still be available for any new page I create.

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Foundry v2 completely replaces v1. They do not sit side-by-side. Version 2 is a complete upgrade. That said, Foundry v2 simply upgrades the stacks included in v1 (same with Potion). They’re not complete departures or re-writes from the ground up. They should work just as they always have but with added new features and improvements. I’ve had no reports of problems upgrading.

Be sure that once you install Foundry v2 that you then Quit and Restart RapidWeaver so that the update is completed.

Thanks Adam. Well, that will make for some sphincter-tightening moments. It’s always best to be able to sandbox a new version to check for and, if necessary, resolve any issues before replacing.

Well Foundry v2 released in March of 2020 and I’ve not had problems with upgrades as of yet. But you should have your original Foundry install that you saved as a backup to fallback on of course.