Vertical Navigation Display Problem

When I mark an item as active to keep the menu open, the arrows looks like this.
The same in RW 7 or RW8
Tested with the Potion Pack Samples.

Mac OS 10.13.6
RW7: 7.5.6, RW8: 8.0.3

Hi again @dogbone – If you will send me a ZIP file containing your project file I will take a look and see what might be going on there. I’m not in the office today due to the holiday weekend, but will take a look as soon as I’m bak at my desk.

It is the unchanged file “Potion-Pack-Samples” from you.
I sent you the file via email.

Always like to get the project file from users just in case there’s one little thing that might be different. As for the ZIP file – I don’t seem to see it in my inbox.

it was yesterday sent to

Didn’t get it unfortunately.

I sent it again, and I hope it works out now.

Error from DreamHost Email Support: Number of files or folders in attachment exceeds limits.
The zip-file (Potion-Pack-Samples) i wanted to sent is 9.8MB…

@dogbone A lot of email providers won’t send attachments over about 2 Mb. Try just sending the one page, or putting the Zip folder on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. with a shared link.

@dogbone – Yeah, big files should always be sent with something like Dropbox or the like. It ensures it won’t get bounced by the email server for being too big.

Took some time last night before bed to sit and make some changes to fix this bug. It should be fixed in the next update I put out for Potion Pack.

Yes, I know that regarding the large mail attachments. I forgot that I could send you a dropbox link for the download. Sorry for the excitement… :roll_eyes:

@elixirgraphics In this case you really found an bug? After all, it wasn’t for nothing and it’s actually a bug and not a mistake of me :wink:

What do you think, until when the next update is approximately ready?

I don’t have an ETA for the release. It contains more than just this update, and on top of that I have some major updates for Alloy that are being worked on right now, too.