Vertical Tabs stack in Foundry 3


I’m converting an old site from F2 to F3. Most of it’s fairly easy … but I had used a few stacks from the old Potion Pack and Thunder Pack. Notably I used the Vertical Tabs stack since that seemed a good way of presenting explanations and an accompanying photo for some definitions in a fairly compact space.

I’m guessing I can recreate the functionality in F3 somehow … but I’m unsure how to start. Any ideas?

Andrew Mercer

Foundry 3 does not currently have a vertical tabs style tool. Foundry 3’s next larger update is slated to have one, which I’ve been coding on for the release. Since I know it will be asked – I do not have a release date for the Foundry 3 - Beskar release yet.

I also thought about using the vertical navigation bar for the latest site I started. It had a fair amount of data that would have been nice to cut down into smaller sections.

I briefly thought about using the horizontal tab bar which currently is in Foundry 3 but I don’t think it would have worked as well for what I am trying to do.

Thanks Adam (and also Kip).
It’s good to know there’s an update coming. I’ll use the horizontal version for now … not as good but usable. Given that my conversion is moving very slowly (i.e about a year), odds are that the vertical version will be there prior to me publishing anyway. If not, there’s a Plan B at least.



I was wondering if there was going to be more feature updates to Foundry 3 ahead of Foundry 4. That is good to know.

Next major update is set to be Foundry 3 - Beskar. Go to this thread: 🔍 Looking ahead at the next Foundry update

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I see, I might have been getting the version 3 and 4 updates confused.

I would love to try vertical tabs on this page of my new site. The page is a bit plain and thought that breaking up the information in to smaller sections might make it a little more interesting and easier to find the right info.

Cool. You can definitely try them out when the Foundry 3 - Beskar update release. That major update will contain the vertical tabs tool I’ve been working on when it releases.