Very Little Bug: QR Code Icon not displayed

Finally I found some time to use Foundry in a couple of projects in the last week(s).

(I am this sort of guy who sees something, likes it and then never uses it - and Foundry is cool, I am using Bootstrap with almost all of my web projects (Java/Grails, PHP).

One thing bugs me: the QRCode Icon from Font Awesome doesnt work, it’s not displayed. There’s a typo in the class: it is fa-qr-code but should be fa-qrcode - I have a project, a companion site for a app I have written, that makes heavy use of this icon, so I have to span it all the time, not ideal for something that could be easy fixed.

Is the icon list something global, can I fix it on my own? :wink:

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I’ll note it as a bug for a future update.


Thank you.
I quickly patched it on my own where I needed it, but it would be great to have it fixed in all Stacks.

(I use Fontawesome a lot)

Yep, like I said, next update. :+1: