Video Embed Stack Problems

I have embedded a YouTube video using the Video Embed stack inside of the Mega Modal stack. When the video is started, it plays well, but if you close the modal, the audio continues to play in the background.
Is there anyway to make it so that if the Mega Modal stack is closed, that the Video Embed stack shuts off the video/audio in the background?

The middle icon about family traditions will show the issue I am having.


Good morning @IdahoSAM

Unfortunately Mega Modal has no way to know what content you’re putting into it. For it to stop your videos it would need specific javascript to target your video and pause it when the modal is closed. Mega Modal cannot achieve what you’re wanting to do. Sorry.

Okay. I may try using the Expose stack to post the video in instead. Thanks for responding.

If I use a button to launch JW Expose’ stack with a YouTube stack, I can close the Expose stack and video stops. Nice work around.