Video Embed - Starting a YouTube at specific location

I have a YouTube video on my page using the Foundry Video Embed stack. I would like it to start at a point a couple of minutes into the video. I have copied the YouTube link with the extra info that should start it at my specified point, but when I preview my page, the video starts at the beginning. Any advice? Disclaimer: I haven’t published my site, so perhaps it only works once published?

Hi there @PPGWeb

First thing to note is that the Video Embed stack does not take the full URL for the YouTube ID. If fact using the full URL can cause problems. You need to use just the YouTube ID in the YouTube ID field. In this example you’ll see the ID I’ve highlighted in the URL:

As for setting a start time in the Video Embed stack – that is not a feature of the stack.

I understand about using the ID and not the URL. It’s just not a feature - that’s the answer to my question. Thanks for responding!

I was trying to make sure we were on the same page since you said the following:

Obviously since only the ID is supposed to be used, including other content in that field as you mentioned above would cause problems, so I just wanted to make sure that that was clear.