Video Training Solution

I have a client I just started working with that would like a way for them to load video training series to a platform and allow people to create accounts and watch the videos. They also want a way that they can tell if they actually watched the video or not. I’m not going to attempt this in RW but would like to use some kind of 3rd party platform. Does anyone know of a platform that would handle this?

I don’t remember all the details, but I think one of the Vimeo paid subscriptions will do this. I have a paid subscription to Vimeo, main to maintain privacy of some videos I use for courses. I think they have 2-3 levels of paid versions. I have the lowest/cheapest version. At any rate, definitely worth checking Vimeo and it’s options.

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@arlenj I think you can also use the Podia platform to create this kind of website.