Video Zoom pops out too big to access video controls

I’m wondering if it’s possible to get Video Zoom to not pop out so big that the bottom controls of the video screen are inaccessible? When looking at preview mode or when simulating different devices in RapidWeaver 8 the video zooms out to a size that fits the screen, however in actual use in both Firefox and Chrome it is too big to see the bottom video controls. Here’s a screenshot:

There’s no way to scroll to the controls either because the scrolling function only effects the page behind the lightbox.

I’ve tried putting a bottom margin on it, but that seems to only create a margin on the thumbnail, not the lightbox popout. This happens to me with the Elixir tutorial videos too by the way…

Thanks for your help!

You can press COMMAND and the - sign to reduce the page and get control again. Which screen size are you working with?

Thank you Fuellemann. That definitely fixes the issue in the browser. My screen size is 13," but again, all the simulations in RapidWeaver for the various screen sizes and devices don’t suggest this issue. I’m realizing that the lightbox popup also does fit if I just resize the browser width to about 80% of maximum, but I’d prefer not to have to start my web page off with an explanation about how visitors need to do these different things too to fix the issue for themselves.

Not seeing that problem here with the live examples:

That said have you tried adjusting the Moe-Width settings, which can be found here in the Video Zoom stack’s settings?

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Thank you! Changing the “Max-width at three breakpoints” to 500/700/1100 made the difference.

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