Video Zoom use with Alloy

Quick question. Is it possible to incorporate the Video Zoom stack into an Alloy blog so that it shows in the ‘Full Entry’ view? (I haven’t yet purchased the Thunder Pack yet so I can’t play around with the feature).

Good morning @AUW

You can place stacks like Video Zoom on your blog pages, just not within the blog post’s content itself.

Thanks Adam. Looks like there’s no remaining ‘excuse’ for me not to buy the Thunder Pack.

Just to be clear Video Zoom will not be a part of the blog post, just on the page outside of the blog post(s).

Oh no, you’re too late - I’ve just bought the Pack!

Only joking, I had many other reasons for getting the Thunder Pack. Using Video Zoom with the functionality you described is OK for me.

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Cool, just wanted to be sure I’d described it well enough. :smiley:

Just buy the Thunder stack mate. You’ll like it.
Ahh, you already did…

And - on topic again, I’m embedding Vimeo video in my posts.
Works like a charm.

To be honest there was some initial fiddling as I combined a somewhat incompatible stack

But it’s working great now.
As said before, there was some fiddling. So, initially it was a bit slow (even not working sometimes).

But now it’s like BOOM: open a post and everything is there. Even when on 4G network.
Take a look at Mooibrabant, if you like (100% Dutch).

I like Alloy, more and more every day.
And I’m looking forward to the stuff that seems to be coming :slight_smile:

Cheers, Peter

Glad to hear it @PeterFuhren. I’ve roadmapped quite a lot of new things I want to get into the next update. It will have some major new stuff!