Voyager Pro Custom Banners

I just bought Voyager Pro Elixir Theme and it said I could do custom banners. I watched the video on Banners and navigation. I am on RW 8, When I tried to do a custom banner it says in the box that the theme you have selected does not support banner images???
I watched the video on how to do it on the voyager page tutorials, but is not possible???

I picked this theme because i need custom banners.
please help

Good morning @Leslie – Voyager Pro does in fact support customer banner images. I just gave it a quick try to make sure all was working well:

There’s a tutorial video on the Voyager Pro documentation page that walks you through how to use the custom banners.

I would suggest making sure you’ve selected the proper theme in the theme drawer before trying to add a banner image.

Thank you for replying. I have watched the tutorial 3 times on banners and the one you sent me, but when i try to add a custom banner it says this theme does not support custom banners. It is not how it looks in the video

I checked my theme is on Voyager Pro. Some of videos say rapid weaver 7, is it a problem that i have rapid weaver 8?

The video I just recorded is in RapidWeaver v8. It works perfectly well in either version.

Have you double-checked that you’ve selected the correct theme? Tried restarting RapidWeaver?

I restarted rapidweaver and then restarted my iMac. Still says theme you have selected does not support banner images.
I keep checking and i am on theme Voyager Pro

You’ve selected the theme for a specific page via the Page Inspector in that screenshot. That is not the theme picker for the site however. Select the theme from the main theme selector, often referred to by its old nomenclature of “Theme Drawer.”

Video showing this: CleanShot 2022-06-18 at 07.46.27 · CleanShot Cloud

Thank you that worked