Warning: Undefined array key

Dear friends,

has anyone ever come across something like this: “Warning: Undefined array key “extension” in /customers/7/8/4/samtalerommet.com/httpd.www/editor/index.php on line 123 Warning: Undefined array key “extension” in /customers/7/8/4/samtalerommet.com/httpd.www/editor/index.php on line 123”?

I’m setting up Alloy for a client based in Norway. Their host is using HTTPd and ever since client changed from HTTP to HTTPS there have been issues. I can’t resolve them myself.

Any ideas?


Those are just PHP notices and are causing no problem. You need to turn off PHP Display Errors in your server settings.

Thanks for your swift respons Adam. I’ll let my client know she has to do this on the server side which she manages herself. :+1: :heart:

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