We changed the name of our domain name. Does this mean that we have to change the email addresses to make it work with forms now?

This is my first time assembling forms with Foundry and Rapidweaver. As I read through the help pages it sounded like there is no way around matching the address of the website with the address of the email. As I understand this we have to move our sales person off his email address to another? If that is case can we issue him an email re-direct so that he can be redirected from the old one to the new one?

Your hosting provider is really the one that will determine how you set this up. You can attempt to send the emails to the other address, it may or may not go through. If you use Cloudflare you could setup up a fake email address matching your website domain, then forward it to the real email address.


Okay that is good to know. I’ll send DreamHost some questions this week and hopefully it won’t be too difficult to set up. It sounds like there are some workarounds to make the process less difficult.

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