Web site issues when opening on mobile

I need support with getting my site (www.tymooreart.com) to be compatible on mobile devices. I built my site on a desktop Mac using Foundry. It displays fine on the desktop, but it’s not mobile device friendly. If the phone is held vertically, the images are displayed incorrectly on the screen and it’s a mess. If turned horizontally, the images align correctly but they are too large and the page is hard to navigate. Is there a way to have my site displayed on a phone the same way that it’s displayed on a desktop? My site is www.tymooreart.com

Hi, if you send me your project file I have a look :slight_smile:

Zip it and send it to hallo@einfach-gute-seiten.de

If it is large, use the free wetransfer.com to send it.


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Thank you for your reply and I appreciate the offer of support! I sent the project and add on file (if both were needed) via wetransfer. Thanks again and have a great day!

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