Webdeersign new Project 12 available now

Project 12 is a really versatile multi page Project suitable for many type of business where the choice of the right images can often be difficult and time consuming. The project is created using an innovative yet simple & fast way to shape images into elegant shapes such as the 6 sided rounded shape below.

This design makes building a web site from scratch much easier and quicker because the images become less important. Often the choice of good images makes or break a design. By adding a shape to each image, you can make the images more interesting and they become part of a cohesive design.

Don’t forget to notice the cool animation on the navigation when the page is scrolled off the first main image.

Additional shapes are provided in the project. Just drop in your image and the mask shape does the rest. Images can be any size and an additional array of image masks are provided and are shown on the Project 12 About Us page. The mask images are provided in PNG and also editable SVG so that you can create your own colours in a graphics app.

See the demo at webdeersign.com/pr12demo2
Full details at webdeersign.com/projects/pr12

If you have any questions just ask.


Again - a great Foundry project :smiley:

All right, all right. Instant buy! :slight_smile:

And every time I open the Foundry project of yours, it tells me the Foundation (!) theme is not installed. That happend with a few projects, so perhaps you can have a look here?

Not sure why this happens exactly but I expect it is related to the Master Theme that RW requires you to select. This setting is a RW setting and not Project setting unfortunately. I did suggest to RM that they make it a Project setting but no feedback on this.

The solution is to check and select the Foundry Theme in each page including the Notes page. Even though a Theme is not technically required as demonstrated by the use of a truly blank Theme, RW demands that one be selected.

It’s just one of those odd RW ‘features’ that causes issues such as having multiple themes selected in the same Project.

IMHO RW should offer Theme selection everytime a new Project is created.

Strange, I never run into this.

I suspect it has to do with which theme is selected in the theme drawer when the page project file is saved. @webdeersign: When you create your next pre-built project file be sure to select the Foundry theme in the theme drawer. If it asks you to Apply to All Pages then select the Apply To All & Use Master Style on All Pages option.

If you want to email me the project file to have a look at it, feel free to do so.

It is related to the Master Theme I believe which in my case is selected to Foundation. You must select a Master theme as RW will not proceed until you do. As most of my work historically has been in Foundation, I need the Master theme to remain set to that.

I expect I am one of the very few building with both frameworks and constantly switching between them.

Selecting a theme in the theme drawer overrides the Master Theme. This is a necessary step at the beginning of all RapidWeaver projects, whether it be a standard theme or a framework style theme like Foundry. They’re all the same to RapidWeaver.

When you start a new project, and add a Stacks page. Then select Foundry from the theme drawer and then start building your project file. That will ensure that the proper theme is used on your pages.

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If I create a new project and add a stacks page, and then check the theme (not sure what a theme drawer is), the Master theme is always selected. When I start a Foundry project, I untick the Master Theme and then select Foundry for every new page.

This seems to work for me but I have had a few reports saying that the Foundation theme is missing.

Luckily, the cure is always to just make sure the theme is set to Foundry on each of the few pages.

That is definitely the cause of the problem. You’re changing the theme page-by-page. You have to select the theme in the theme drawer. Press Command-Option-T (or choose Show Themes in the View menu). This is the theme drawer and where you should be selecting the theme.

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Thanks. I see what you mean, but common sense says that if every page is set to use Foundry then every Page should use Foundry. This must be one of those quirky 15 year old RW things that still lurks in the method of use. I will certainly try it and so should anyone else experiencing Theme selection weirdness.

That’s just not how it works, and always has. Setting that theme in the theme drawer sets the theme for the project as a whole. The override you’re using in the Page Inspector is for corner cases, for diverging from the mail theme, not for setting the theme for the project.

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Here is a short Project introduction that includes a video tutorial showing how to create your own image shapes used in Project 12.

Project 12 intro and mask tutorial video

More details at All Projects