Website Accessibility Compliance?

Hi Guys, hope some people can shed some light on this for me. The subject of website compliance is starting to become more and more prominent and I feel I need to get a better understanding of it.

I class myself as a designer, and I love building sites with foundry. I understand things like making sure any sites I build a responsive, don’t embed text into images, use alt tags etc. But what I dont understand is coding.

If for example I build a site with Foundry, will it pass all the compliance test, W3c etc, from a coding point of view. Is this taken care of within foundry. What do I need to be looking out for?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Hey there @MrB!

I think you may have a few wires crossed on some things. Accessibility through things like alt tags and such is handled by yourself adding the data to the necessary fields. You can also achieve some of that through your own meta tags and whatnot, that you’d need to setup yourself.

As for W3C – that is just a web standards body. While it is good to meet and adhere to their standards, it is not always necessary, and often when working in a templated environment it is impossible to meet all W3C recommendations.

If you have specific questions or problems you’re running into you can shoot me an email or direct message and I’ll take a quick look to see if it is something Foundry can do for you, etc.

All links must have discernible text.
Tooltips, such as those attachable to Badges satisfy this requirement.

Badge Boxes and Icon Fonts, for example, do not. (Even as link titles are provided, those seem to have no effect on the html code generated. Using those might be helpful here.)

That’s just an example from the top of my head. I gladly add to this thread as I scan for these, if that is helpful. I am also in the need of creating a Section 508 compliant web site.

It is possible with Foundry to accomplish the requirements, although it is almost impossible. Attorneys have been going after small to medium sized companies threatening lawsuits. Winn Dixie is the largest company that has lost in court.
We have been involved in setting up companies for compliance and mapping out a plan for them. Getting a documented plan for Section 508 is helpful in keeping these vultures at bay. If you have an existing site that you’d like me to look at, I’d be happy to.

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