Website built with Foundry (with the help of egomade)

Intelligent Security and Fire Limited

My latest website design made with Foundry for a company located in Middlesex, UK. To get going I started with a template supplied by egomade.


I like it, some ideas: Put the references each in one box with the same dimensions and the same backgound color, so they do not look like they are cut off, e. g. like this:

The text in the banner is hard to read. a slight black background with 30% and a 10px padding would make it more readable…

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Great suggestions thank you Jan @Fuellemann

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Very nice site - got some good ideas from it.

Can you tell me which template from egomade you used please?


Very slick. Well played. One suggestion - on the first page, the ticks on the panels have a hover effect which always make think they should link to something - like a button does. It’s only a small thing but it did bug me when I visited the page.


Hi @jilo, Thanks. I used the @egomade finance template as a base.


Hi @Rob , I never though if that. Now you have pointed it out it is bothering me also :slight_smile: I will see if there is a way to stop the hover effect.