Website for my Wife - Finally

I have been busy with other things during the past few months but I finally got around to making my wife a website to display her art. She seems happy…oh, here comes another cup of coffee :smile:


This foundry website was created using a template from egomade.


Very nicely done. There is good flow to the website and a nice choice of colors. I especially like how you did the “galleries” page as an overview of what’s in each gallery.


Thanks, @DLH but I have to point out that the colour design scheme is courtesy of @egomade who IMHO is a great designer - nuptial theme template. I chose it because the colour and fonts suited my wife’s style. The great thing about Foundry is that it is so easy to use pre-designed templates and also to mix in other non-foundry stacks when needed. For example, I used two (not so used) stacks to display the galleries and to ensure that the individual pictures actually loaded quickly. An old Sey Design stack called masonry for the picture grid and an old Doobox stack called caffeine for the picture loading. I believe I only brought logic to the table, but I am 60 and Irish so that’s to be expected. :smile: I used Multi themes pop image stack on the ‘how to order’ page. The blog is on blogger and beamed in using the Blogspot stack. I also used a form builder from as I just couldn’t rely on the contact form actually delivering the email instantly (I always have had problems with emails). Foundry is my framework of choice and I use other stacks if I need to do something that Foundry stacks can’t do. Mix and match that’s the beauty of Foundry for me as well as a great community.


The store page is very nice. I wonder what type of stack you use for the store page.

Hi @Nekomichi, the store is simply code embedded for the POD service from the FineArt America website (btw, who get 90% of the monies). It does look neat though I agree. Of course, my wife thinks I am a genius but it won’t take long to burst that bubble :laughing: