Website keeps losing all CSS values

A clients website that I built with F3 and Alloy keeps losing all of it’s CSS values and I have to restore a backup to get it back. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing this? I’ve opened a ticket with my hosting company but their not seeing any errors in the logs and there are no errors on the site. This website has been live for almost a year and it just started doing this, the only thing that has changed is I recently setup Alloy so the client could make a few changes to certain area’s of the website. Could the client be doing something in Alloy that would cause this to happen? I wouldn’t think so because their just markdown files.

As a precaution I changed the Alloy password, we’ll see if it happens again.

Any chance you have both index.html and index.php files present in the affected page(s) folder(s)?

No, not the index.html. I have a default.html and a index.php. The default.html is a “Coming Soon” page that will load when there’s nothing else in the directory.

Hasn’t happened again since I changed the password. :thinking:

Seems odd since the password, nor Alloy, has any affect on your non-Alloy based pages.

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