Website Review for Novice Website Designer

##Pleasant Grove Church

Pleasant Grove Church website. This is my first attempt at building a website and would appreciate any feedback given that would help to improve design, layout, general things to be concerned about when creating sites. I thank everyone in advance that is willing to give a little of their time for this request.


I have a fairly fast internet connection and it took a while to download the images for your slider. You might want to try resizing and/or compressing the images. The rest of the the site loaded ok but the slider sat there blank for quite a while.

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Another point about the slider.

I’m looking at the site on a 27" screen and I can’t see all of the slides. I’d expect to have to scroll down on a small screen, but not on one this big. In addition, I don’t know if it’s a loading issue but the first slide ‘sits’ there a long time before moving on so it’s not immediately apparent it’s a slider at all.

A big site for a first time effort though - well played. :sunglasses:

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exactly what was on my mind after 10 clicks or so! :muscle:

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slider is slow here as well

Thanks for the feedback. I have compressed the images used in the slide show. There is a delay between slides to allow the visitor to read them. See if this helps on your end. I did notice Safari not being as fast as Firefox and Chrome.

I can´t remember if that was the same when I first viewed the site, but I notice now that you slideshow images don´t fit very well when the browser window gets larger… maybe you can further tweak the responsive settings a bit.

Currently the user is forced to scroll vertically to see full content.
That is not super user friendly and it isn´t obvious at all, that the content is cut off!
Maybe a slider isn´t the perfect tool to present that kind of images, in case you can´t prevent them from being cropped, since they contain text information that may be important.

Hi Brett. You may want to tweak the series of links just below the banner. As they are now, only the text itself is clickable and there’s no indication that they’re links other than a cursor change on mouseover. Giving links to all of the icons and creating a hover effect will likely draw more attention to them.

The Link stack by Joe Workman is an easy way to turn any stack, or group of stacks, into a link.

Depending on the stacks you’re using for that content, Hover Image in the Foundry Potion Pack is great for adding hover effects to images and Roll Fade by Stacks4Stacks is a simple solution for adding a hover effect to any stack (plus it’s free).

I hope these tips help!

I’m curious, what stack/code did you use to get the slide-in effect on “Plan Your Visit” and “Welcome Message” on the home page? That looks really good.


For those areas I am using the Jumbotron and the Reveal stack from the Foundry Framework.

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Added the Roll Fade and combined icon and text into Link stack. Looks much nicer. Thanks.

The color for “Pleasant Grove Church” in the Header seems very dark and a bit hard to read for me. I’d like to see it in a much lighter color so it pops out, perhaps even more than the “Serving God Through Loving Connections” line below it.

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Happy to help. It looks great! :+1: