Weird issue with Mega Menu


RW 8.6.1, Stacks 4.0.4, Foundry

I’m having a strange issue with Mega Menu. I have a multi-page site, with Mega Menu sat inside Background, which is inside a Sticky Content stack. Just those 3 in a Partial, which is on each page. So far, so good…

On the Home page, and ONLY on the Home page, the menu doesn’t stick on scroll, nor does it recognise that the Home page is the active page. In fact, on Mobile, the menu doesn’t activate at all. Works like a charm on every other page!

All pages have the Foundry CC Partial, a Banner Partial, then the Menu Partial, followed by a Container with Header and the rest of the content. I can’t see anything obvious that sets the Home page apart from the others - if anything, it’s lighter than the other pages, stacks-wise!

Any help would be appreciated - URL is

To see on Mobile, use

Many thanks,


Do you have a project file you can send me? That would be most helpful. adam at elixirgraphics dot com

I can take a look next time I’m in the office again. Might be Monday since it is the weekend, but if you send it today and I have an opportunity to get back to the computer I’ll take a look.

That said, also let me know what you’re accomplishing by putting Mega Menu in a Sticky Content stack instead of using its Sticky Navigation mode.

Also, why two different URLs above?

Got your download link, but I think you might have forgotten to answer the questions from my post above.

Sticky Content used because it’s not the topmost element, until scrolled.

2 URLs because the menu does nothing at all on the Home page on Mobile - can’t even click the Hamburger.

Sticky Navigation does just that. It will act normally until scroll to and then stick in place.

Looking at your project file you definitely do not need the Sticky Content stack. You’re likely doing this so that you can use Backdrop for a gradient background on the navigation bar, right? Personally I wouldn’t go this route with the layout just to get a gradient background.

Looking at your project file it looks like I don’t have whatever the Wallpaper stack is, so I can’t say whether that is the problem or not, but when I look at the page after removing it, things look to work fine: ScreenFlow.mp4 • Droplr

I would try removing that stack and see how things work. The stack seems to be doing what it is designed to do though in my testing without any errors. So it is likely something on your page that is causing a problem. If removing Wallpaper from the page doesn’t help, try removing one or two other things at a time and testing until you narrow in on the culprit.

Again, this seems to be working fine here, but like I said I don’t have Wallpaper, or several other 3rd-party stacks you’re using on the page: ScreenFlow2.mp4 • Droplr

Testing like I suggest above is a good way to track down the problem.

Thanks for that Adam.

It seems I was making it far more complicated than I needed to!

All sorted, thanks to you - and thank you so much for taking the time over your weekend.

Have a great Easter!



No problem. Was it the Wallpaper stack that was the problem?

No. I just took out the Backdrop and the Sticky Content stacks and used the Sticky Navigation setting in Mega Menu instead.

The Wallpaper stack is one every other page, too. No idea why it only seemed to affect Home page, but it’s looking and working great now :+1: