Welcome to the Elixir Support Forums

First off I’d like to say thank you for joining the Elixir Support Forums! We’re really happy to have you on board to share your knowledge with other Elixir customers. You’ll find topics relating to our themes, stacks and more.

##Basic guidelines
We have a few rules though we’d appreciate everyone following though to help make this an enjoyable place to frequent:

  • Be courteous and respectful of all forum members.
  • Please refrain from using any profanity in both public and private posts.
  • When you find a solution to a problem you have posted about, let the rest of the community know. Post your solution in your original thread so others can learn and grow with you as a community.
  • Make sure your post is in the correct category. This will help other users aid you with your problems as well as allow them to find solutions to their own problems as well.

##Save time with a search
Before making a post try using the search feature of the forum to see if your question has already been addressed. You might also want to check out our general FAQ on the main Elixir site as well.