What about the blog page

I have an old web site with huge blog entries - how could i integrate it to Foundry ?


There is not a way to create a blog page in Foundry. I’m hoping Realmac adds a feature to the blog page in the future to allow it to be inserted into a Stacks page. You could use something like Blueball Design’s RW/Writer, the PulseCMS stacks, or another similar product.

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I’ve also considered this when thinking about how to migrate some of my client sites over to Foundry. What I came up with is to use a Page-Specific Theme for the Blog section and you would still be able to have Foundry pages for the rest of the site. If you choose a relatively clean style and match key colours and fonts, you should be able to tweak it so that it looks like all part of the same place.

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Somewhere in the next 6 weeks I’ll test out Foundry and Armadillo. I anticipate they’ll work really nice together. Since Armadillo provides a blog, but is Stacks driven, you should be in good shape.

The downside, of course, is you’d need to copy/paste all your old entries into Armadillo.

Are you moving the blog to another server ? If not just point the blog stack page to the existing armadillo data base. If you are moving the site you can export the database and import it to the new server MySQL. Make sure you grab any resources like images from the old server also. You need to use a ftp client to find the armadillo stacks folder that has the images and download them locally then upload to your new sever. Check with Nimblehost if you need help with this.

Use Foundry for your Stacks Pages
and take a Page-Specific Theme for your Blog.

Voyager, Majestic or Tesla looks good with Foundry. :slight_smile:


Here is a demo for Pulse CMS integration: https://pulsedemo.instacks.com/foundry/blog/

And here for Blog Stack (Typed.com integration): http://demo.instacks.com/blogstack/foundry/


Actually, RW/writer looks fine as you can see here:

Read more about it here: