What CMS are you using with Foundry?

Excellent work everyone…thanks.

Sorry another question…CMS and Foundry?

What are you using…would Pulse do the job?

I’ve never used CMS so far with RW and want to jump into that…any words of wisdom?

Thanks again for your advise.


Hey there @scottf – I’ve broken this off as a thread of its own since it wasn’t related directly to the previous post.

That said – While Poster isn’t a straight up CMS, I hear from a lot of Foundry users that like it a lot. The CMS you mentioned – Pulse – does indeed work with Foundry as well. There are all sorts of content editors out there though for you to choose from. Some offer a lot of options, but end up being way more complex to use, while others choose a niche and do their thing really well.

In addition to the above, some others CMS like tools that I find are popular with Foundry users are Kuler Edits Pro, Armadillo, and Go CMS.

Just about any you choose should work fine with Foundry though.


Since they were not mentioned, there are also Easy CMS and Total CMS by Joe Workman. Both work great with Foundry.