What Forms stack are people using?

Previously I used Foundation forms for pretty much everything, need to find a replacement now, what are folk using with Foundry?

I have Siphon, but have never yet actually got round to playing with it, but I need something for simple flat-forms too.

Example of the form I need to replicate: Cycle service book online Belfast

Look at Form Pro in the Potion Pack suite of stacks. It should do what you’re looking to accomplish.

Goodness, I managed to completely overlook that stack! Think I just saw Forms and assumed it was the regular forms stack.

Nice one. Thanks.

Am I right in thinking there is no calendar select box?

You are correct. Only the elements that are listed in the stack and the documentation.

Oh well. Thought so, just wanted to check. Need a form stack then!

Anyone any suggestions?

I use formloom. Is excellent. Is a plugin that you use to build up a form in a separate hidden page and then embed using the stack that it comes with.

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I can use Form Pro for my forms that don’t require a date box, I’ve built one and tested it, and the emails are being received, but when the user (me in this case) clicks send, there is no message to say the form has been successfully sent. I’ve looked at the docs and tried the one your stacks page, and there doesn’t appear to be a confirmation message there either.

Is something going wrong or are there meant to be no confirmation messages?

EDIT: OK, worked it out. After you click to send the page jumps back to the top of the form, to the very first input box, which is the name. But, the confirmation box appears above this, off the screen. Example from your site attached.

Can you sort it, so the confirmation message is visible without requiring the user to scroll up? Cus most won’t; they’ll assume the form hasn’t worked


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And if you fancy adding in a calendar box at the same time, that’d be cool :wink:

Seriously though. It’s a really nice form stack, so simple to setup. I’ve used quite a few over the years, and most really over complicate things. By default they seem to all do things that make you think “why would anyone want to set a form up like that?” You then have to dig into them to set them up as 99% of users want them (I’m assuming the 99% bit).

Forms Pro is nice, and quick, and does what you need. C’ept for me, the calendar bit :slight_smile:

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This appears to be a bug. I’ll file it in the issue tracker for a future update.


Form Pro stack from Potion Pack is great. I’m using a simple one at www.getscanned.com.au/contact

I’ve also used Syphon and Formloom which are both excellent… but I think Form Pro does almost everything needed.

@SteveB - I do love the calendar integration idea and if it’s invented, will almost certainly use.


I’ve been using FormSnap (Form loom in Stacks form) for years. Its really robust, and the big advantage it has over many others is the option for MySQL input. For more complicated forms, like meeting registrations, its a real godsend.


There are a few differences between formloom and formsnap. The main one for me is that you can save form data to a Google sheet with formloom. I’m working on one now that does this and that has the results immediately show up in a grid iron table. It’s here: Game settings in Versus - the most flexible iOS scorekeeping app

The form itself appears within a foundry side bar which I think works well.

There are some issues with grid iron that I am currently speaking with support about but when those are resolved I think this will work nicely.

That’s good to know. I have both the plug-in (Formloom) and the stacks (FormSnap) and hadn’t noticed that.

I do something very similar with FormSnap by outputting the data from the MySQL database to a RapidWeaver page using Kuler Solutions’ MySQL stack set.

I am forced to use FormSnap/ FormLoom just because of the missing date picker in Form Pro.
If Adam could give us a date picker I could stay within Foundry, which I definitely would prefer.

Regards Tom

I use FormsPlus or CompactForm in Foundry sites. Forms can often be challenging to create when you need more than a very basic fixed contact form.

A date picker isn’t a standard HTML form element, which is why one was not included in the stack. That said I’ll look at it for a possible future update.


Thanks @elixirgraphics,

having that in a future update (as a form child stack) would make the difference :+1:


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FWIW, I’ve switched 100% over to MachForm now. It is incredibly easy to use and integrates perfectly with Rapidweaver sites.

It takes minimal effort to host it yourself on typical commercial, shared hosting, which means its just a one-off buy. Can’t recommend it enough.

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I’ve always thought the Machforms’ themes look overly fussy. Is it easy to create something that - for example - looks like the standard Foundry Form/Form Pro?



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