What is a display header?

In the help text about the Foundry control center stack it states:

Display Weight
Some stacks in Foundry feature a Display setting, allowing you to supersize your text. Using this setting you can opt to have a different font weight for your Display headers vs your normal headers.

What is a display header? (Sorry for the silly question. I know what a normal header is.)

A Display Header isn’t an HTML term or anything. In print design the biggest text on the page, like a headline on a big story in a newspaper is called Display Type. In this case Foundry is just referring to this BIG type as a Display Header. Just needed something to call it. Also, it allows you to set a different weight for Display Headers in the Control Center stack, thus allowing you to use different styling for normal Headers vs Display Headers. Just a bit of flexibility.

Got it! Many thanks. And, yes, I like that extra flexibility. :slight_smile: