Where are the Mason web items?

Cannot find the Mason web items.


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden



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Looks like @TINO has you covered with a direct link. They’re also linked in the Foundry navigation drop down, on the front page of the Foundry site in the addons section, on the addons page and on the purchase page as well in case you need a way to get there again in the future.

Alright - so far so good.

The note says: ”The Mason Template Pack requires Foundry v2, Potion Pack and Thunder Pack to use all included templates.”

As I don’t have Potion Pack and Thunder Pack it would be convenient to know which Mason template can be used without those packs / or which would need them.
This as info before one drops them on a project…

How does one move all Mason templates into a dedicated folder in RW8 (instead of moving one-by-one)?

with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden
(wishing everyone health and economy in these times.)


Off the top of my head – most of the Call to Actions use Potion Pack at the very least. Some of the footers do as well. Honestly, because these require addons from Potion and Thunder, in addition to Foundry v2, is why the Mason templates pack is free. If you don’t have at least Potion Pack you’re likely not going to get a ton out of Mason without reworking them, which would mostly defeat the purpose of Mason.

To select multiple stacks, click one then shift-click the last one. This will select all of those in that group, then right click to add to a folder.

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hm, at least if I can see basic design iterations of the Call to Actions then this will do.