Where is the Text Mask Stack?

RW 8.9.4 and Foundry

I’m kind of stuck and can’t find the “Text Mask” stack. Where and how do I find it? Or is there another stack to add shadows to a text?

Thanks, Matts

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Are you looking in the main Stacks Library or a custom folder you’ve made?

You should be selected on this icon (click image below):

Once you are search for Foundry in the library, as shown in the screenshot and scroll down.

If you’re just after shadows on a header try Header Plus if you have Thunder Pack.

I’m in the Main Stacks Library, and just like you, I entered Foundry to display all of Foundry’s stacks. Unfortunately no Text Mask Stack…

Do me a favor and try sorting the library by Tag. It’ll be far easier to see the results.

That said, if you’re not seeing it, then perhaps it got deleted at some point from your library? Foundry is up to v2.4.4. So try updating. That essentially replaces all of the files in the Foundry main stack with the newest version.

I was happy to do that favor. The stack is now displayed.

Many Thanks

I suspect it was there, hiding some place in plain sight, but hard to find in the list since it was sorted by name. Glad that sorted it out, so-to-speak. :wink:

I’m glad about that, too. I still treated myself to the Thunder Pack :wink:

Thanks again Adam!

Hehehe. We should all treat ourselves sometimes. Hope you get a bunch of use out of it! :grin:

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