Where to find Portion & ThunderPack Addons?

I am just learning Foundry. I downloaded PotionPack & ThunderPack but can’t seem to locate them.

While RapidWeaver was running I gave the associated dmg.s permission to load.
I then quit RapidWeaver and relaunched it.

Is there a special handshake I need to know to make this happen?

The Thunder and Potion Packs will appear in your Stacks library. They have their own sections in the library. You can search for Foundry in the search bar to show all Foundry related stacks, including Thunder, Potion and Alloy, or you can search for Thunder or Potion in the search field to show just that pack’s related stacks.

If you’re still not seeing them, check to see if you have more than one version of RW installed. If you do, another version of RW may have done the installation and installed the stacks into an older copy of the app. That is easy to remedy – drag and drop the Thunder and Potion stacks onto your desired RapidWeaver app in the Dock and it will make sure that that specific version does the installation process.

Where do I find this other version of RW on my iMac?

No matter how I search I cannot find any reference to RW in my applications folder. The little dancing RW icon is reliably in whatever you call the App tray at the bottom of my monitor but that’s as close as I can get to it.

I can find PotionPack & ThunderPack when I click “Show Stacks Library in Finder”.
When I drag one of them onto the RW button and click install I get an error message that says “at least one addon is older or the same version as the one already installed”

Which leads me to agree that I probably have another instance of RapidWeaver…somewhere.

Where does RapidWeaver live on a Mojave iMac if not in the applications folder?

RapidWeaver can live anywhere you’ve put it on your Mac. There is not a required location for the app. You can search using Spotlight on your Mac for it though.

That is called the Dock.

If you accessed the Library Folder for the version of RW you’re currently running in that way, and found the stacks installed there, then they are installed in that version of RW. This means you just need to add a new Stacks page to your project file and then look for the stacks within your Stacks Library, as shown in my previous post. If you search for them in the Stacks plugin’s library what do you see? Send over a screenshot.

Thank you Adam for your prompt (and patient) assistance.
Was able to make it happen.

May I ask what the problem was so I have an idea in case someone else runs into this?

There are a two or three subsets to the problem. One of them is probably just a bandwidth issue on my part.

One of your earlier responses to this problem suggested that the add-ons were somehow associated with a different installation of RapidWeaver. That seemed to make sense as the error messages when I would drag the installer icon onto RW Icon on the dock I would get the attached error message.

My next step was to see if I could find (and delete) the second installation of RW. I could not find any instance of RW in my Applications folder so I searched for it using the little magnifying glass at upper right of screen (I think this called spotlight?).

The spotlight would show me RapidWeaver but never reveal where it was situated. When I clicked on RapidWeaver it just asked me if I wanted to create a new RapidWeaver project?

I click CREATE then click the ADD (+) button
I select STACKS then select FOUNDRY from the theme palette
I then click the little LIBRARY ICON at top of screen and click the folder I have FOUNDRY parked in.

Lots of FOUNDRY stacks are then presented. When I scroll down to the bottom of the list the last one I can see is the VISIBILITY stack.

At this point things get a little un-obvious. I continue to scroll but nothing from ThunderPack or PotionPack reveals itself. If I just start clicking icons at the bottom of the screen these two add-ons present themselves. I just cannot ferret out how to make them reveal themselves in a predictable or repeatable fashion. I was hoping they could somehow show up automatically in their own folder or inside the original FOUNDRY stacks folder.

I suspect the answer is somewhere at the bottom of attached palette.

It’s kind of like that last mile problem that Amazon has…

PS: I still have not figured out whether or not I have more than one installation of RapidWeaver. I cannot find it anywhere in the application folder. When I click the little magnifying glass at top right of screen (spotlight?) I can find the application but clicking on it just launches the application but does not indicate where it is located on the hard drive.

You likely created a custom folder in your Stacks library for Foundry and populated it with the main set of Foundry stacks. Those user created folders are helpful, but they are unfortunately static and do not update with other like stacks. You need to be on the main library to see everything you have installed, here: