Which specific stacks on Foundry web site?

Hi, looking at the Foundry website, which stacks allows blocks of different colours (see screenshot) without a white line between them please? Is it a series of banners with specific settings or are they rows?

I use the Backdrop stack most times, from the Potion Pack, but that said you don’t need anything but a 1 Column stack that comes with the Stacks plugin really if you just want solid color blocks.

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Thanks. I was using Banners but dropped them into Column but still getting a gap.

Have you turned off the base margin for the stack? It is the first setting in the stack. This is in the documentation for Banner: Banner Documentation

Also don’t forget Columns have base margins, too.

@APCAnswers Did turning off the Base Margin resolve your spacing?

Hi, @elixirgraphics yes, worked a treat, thank you. Couldn’t see that feature for looking.

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