Wishing you a safe time

Adam @elixirgraphics wishing you a safe time during Hurricane Irma!


Thanks @Monica. We’re hoping for the best. With each update it seems the storm shifts westward, which is worse for us, as it will place us on the eastern side of the storm where things are always worse.

@elixirgraphics: Take care. We hope all the best for you.


Thanks all. Quick update – We got water service back and they’ve rescinded the boil water notice. But we’re still without power here and don’t expect it to be back any time soon. They’re estimating the earliest would be Sunday evening. Duke Energy though seems to be doing a poor job though, so we’re not hopeful. Until then, support and other work will be slow unfortunately, and for that I apologize.

EDIT: Though today is OK, as I am mooching some internet and electricity from my mother’s house temporarily. :smiley: