Would like to know if Foundry includes any image protection in it?

Hi guys,

Someone know, specially Adam, if Foundry includes any image protection in it? -one page function.
I know Foundation does. If not, this would be a great feature to add on Foundry, also content (text copy) protection would be great to have on an one page function somewhere at a future update.


Foundation doesn’t have any image, text or page protection in it AFAIK.

I think S4S have a stack that puts a transparent image on top of an image and that way you can’t download the underlying image by right clicking it. Doesn’t stop any of the other methods though. Pixave App even has a “screenshot” mode to download all images in a web site.

If you are worried about it you could put your image into a BWD SectionsPro stack as a BG image and then put an image stack into SectionsPro containing a transparent image of the same dimensions as the main image. Won’t stop anyone who spends 30 seconds Googling how to download the image though.

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Sorry Gary, but you are completely wrong. Try dragging an image off of the screen or control clicking an image. You can not get them that way. Is it FULL protect, no, but there is NO FULL protection that I know of out there. Anyone who is savvy enough can get an image off of any site.

PLUS, using images as backgrounds is considered decorations and not content and do not get indexed by search engines.

Hi @TINO – By default Foundry does not allow an image in the Image stack to be dragged from the page. You can see this by adding an Image stack to the page and going to preview mode. You cannot drag that image off the page.

There is no sure-fire way to prevent someone from taking you imagery off the site though. Just a simple screen grab will garner any image off of a site. It is one of the pitfalls of putting your content online.

As for protecting text – I personally don’t think that would be a good idea. People wish to copy and paste text, whether to add it to their notes, or to send it in an email to a friend or client, or many other things. Much like an image, you might be able to make it hard for people to copy, but it is not impossible. All you have to do is re-type it or screenshot it. Mostly all you’re doing with things like this is making life difficult for the honest people who wish to share your content, and possibly draw others to your site, IMHO.


Thanks for the reply guys, as always very useful :+1: