Yoga website with Online platform, build with Foundry :))

Habihochi - InSpire(d) Yoga

I have to say, I am biased, as this is the website of my wife :smile: and I am great fan of her and her yoga.
Using foundry for her needs worked out to be perfect and building an online yoga platform worked seamlessly in combination with sitelok. Hope you enjoy this project. People are watching her online classes on the go, from different devices and they love it. A solution we were looking for. Thanks for Foundry, Potion Pack and (freshly integrated) some tools from Thunder Pack, they have shown great value for us.


schön gemacht! wär vielleicht was für meine Frau - wie viele videos gibt es denn aktuell? und sind auch videos für blutige Anfänger dabei? das beispielvideo ist wohl eher was für erprobte Yogis

Guten Morgen Mike. Danke für Dein Feedback und Interesse. Im Moment gibt es 14 Videos und einige Audio sessions. Das Portal wächst stetig weiter und wir erstellen neue Videos. Es braucht keine große Yogaerfahrung und es gibt sogar eine Kinder-Yoga-Stunde. Deine Frau kann ja mal einen Monat testen, lohnt sich sicher :))

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Great site, and great photography too!

I wonder if you could help - Sitelok sounds like it could be the solution for something I may need to do for my wife’s site. Did you use it directly in Foundry, or integrate it using other stacks such as Joe Workman’s Sitelok stack?

I’ve not tried using any third party stacks with Foundry yet and I’m a little nervous that they won’t all ‘play nice’!

Thanks in advance, Grant

Hi Grant. Thanks for your nice feedback. I am using JW’s Sitelok stack inside Foundry. This doesn’t cause any problems and we’re using Sitelok for the page since quite a while now. On the home page I am also using the photo stack by Nick Cates. Works all fine :smile:

Have a lovely weekend

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