Zoom Stack [Request]

The new Zoom image animation stack is very eloquent, but there are no customization options at all. Is there even a mechanism for adding an alt-tag?

Perhaps a marriage of sorts between Zoom and the default Foundry Image stack? Not everything, of course, but some of the relatively standard image options (alt-tags, rounded corners, alignment, tool-tips) would be very welcome.


I second Alt tags and would welcome a hover effect. It is a stunningly simple and effective light box that will see a lot of use I am sure.


:ballot_box_with_check: Some of these things are already on my mental to-do list.


While you are waiting you could add this to the Javascript tab of HTML Code section of the inspector:

$( “img, .zoom-image” ).attr( “alt”, “alt text relevant to the image” );

I’ve used the zoom stack on several pages of a couple of projects and when I do an Inspect Element the class has always been zoom-image. I’d check though.

I would be careful with that snippet of code. You’re adding the same alt tag to all images on the page whether they have the .zoom-image class or not. It is probably best to wait.

Yeah, seems I was rushed, I know just about enough to be dangerous!

I ended up enclosing the zoom stack in a CSS Box stack with an id of zoomer. I then changed the javascript to:
$( “#zoomer .zoom-image” ).attr( “alt”, “alt text relevant to the image” );

Seems to work, all the others Zoom images are still flagged in SEO RX while the error for that particular Zoom has cleared.