Accordion jumps 250px up, why?

Hi guys, just signed in here… am a happy Foundry user :wink:

but… just tried out Accordion and it behaves a little awkward:
if I click to open a tab it’s OK, when I closed the same tab the whole stack moves up significantly… ??? (bad!)
if I click to open a tab (and don’t close it) but open the one below the whole thing stays in place (good!)
BTW: I use RW 7 and Stacks 3 / could not find a setting in the stack or a topic for this behaviour, sorry… maybe someone knows what setting I’m missing here

rgrdz, Joop

Hi there @jvanodenhoven!

I’m not sure I know what jumpiness you’re talking about. Would you be able to post a link to a live page showing this problem, or send a ZIP file containing your project file? If you could do one, or both of those things it would be a great help in understanding the problem you’re seeing. If you have an app like ScreenFlow and can record a short video of it, in addition to one or both of the above mentioned items, that too would help me out.

Hi, thanx for your response… the website is

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I have noticed this too. I think it happens when there is a Hero banner on the page.


What’s happening in the video is that an Accordion when clicked on, opens OK, but when the same one is clicked to close it, the page jumps.

Hi Adam, have a ‘screenflow’ for you :wink:

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Hi! there’s a hero-banner on that page indeed!
Could that be it? I’ll try a fresh page without one, see what happens :wink:
thanx in advance

Hi, yep, a (hero-)banner on page definitely causes that…

@jvanodenhoven – Can you send me your project file? I’d like to see if there’s a way around this.

Hi Andrew, thanx in advance!

Sorry, not Andrew, Adam it is :wink:

@jvanodenhoven I’ve opened up your project file and I am working on diagnosing the problem. However, when I turn off the Hero mode for the Banner stack, or remove the Banner stack altogether, the problem persists. When you turn off Hero mode, or remove the Banner stack, the problem fixes itself?

Just trying to clarify before I head down that rabbit hole.

An aside: When I look through your page you seem to not be using the Margins stack as it is designed to be used. You’re meant to place content within the stack as it applies margins (and / or padding) to the elements within the stack:

You’re also applying the margins and padding using the default Stacks controls and not the controls of the Margins stack itself:

I’ve noticed after reading this thread that I have the same issue with collapsing an accordion on any of my site pages with the accordion stack. I hadn’t noticed the behavior before. I’m not entirely sure it always did that. I have the banner stack on the pages in question, but am not using them in hero mode. I can also try removing the banner from a page to test that when I get home this evening.


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Hi Adam, @elixirgraphics
I tested it and turning Hero on/off doesn’t fix it, completely removing the banner does neither…

Yes, I was kind of sloppy in using the ‘margins’ stack, to create some page-length, sorry :wink:
I changed the margin-stacks for HTML spacers but still… doesn’t effect the behaviour…

BTW, I was testing ‘Glide’ also and the same ‘jump’ is occuring…

Yes, I don’t believe the Banner has anything to do with it. I think that there is a bug, but I will need to track it down, as it has not always done this, as @GaryW17 points out.

When you say that the Glide stack exhibits this same problem, can you also send a video and demo project that show this behavior so I can see what you mean?

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Tracked down the culprit for the Accordion issue. After I hear back from @jvanodenhoven about his Glide problem I can look to see if it is related or not, or if it is an issue at all and go from there.


Hi Adam… here’s the other setup with Glide (on page ‘over ons’)

as you will see, no banner or Jumbotron on the page, vy clicking the upper tab of Glide the stack jumps to the top of the page (and then stays there while clicking the other tabs)…

@jvanodenhoven Is this what you’re seeing?

If so that is exactly how Glide is supposed to work. :+1:

Ziet er goed belovend uit Joop :+1:
Wanneer het af is laat me aub weten, kijk er naar uit.

Yes, that’s what it does… Okay with me :wink:
Glide is supposed to go to the top I guess… no problem!

The Accordion fix will be in the next update.