Adding post count to Categories

I’m wondering, as my post count quickly rises, if it’s possible to have the categories list display how many posts fall under each one, as such: Category (29). (Like on this page: Blog)
This would give an indication to readers of what to expect instead of clicking blind.

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Sorry that is not possible.

Thanks for replying.
Okay. I thought I’d ask.
Cheers and stay safe,

Not a problem. It would take coding such a feature into Alloy. While it is possible I think it would make for a bit of a mess visually, IMO.

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What I’m looking for, in essence, is something so viewers can navigate the older post in some way, so those post don’t become lost over time.
My site is:
It’s not one that deals with news-cycle info. Many topics should keep their value over time.

I mean you have the categories list, recent posts, and the navigation at the bottom of the blog summaries. Seems to me your older posts are clearly available.

Yes, I’ve got those things up and running (thanks to all the video tutorials). Like all sites, it’s a work in progress.
Maybe I should increase the number of posts visible so as not to have them behind the “older” button.
I think I would like some indication of the depth of the site (as time goes on and posts increase. I’ve been adding one a day, so far. I’ve got tons of material.
Again, thanks for responding.

Personally I think you might just be over thinking it a bit. That’s just me.

Maybe I am. New at this.
Btw, posting and edits are a breeze.

It is easy to do, whether you’re new or experienced. Trust me.

Glad you’re enjoying Alloy. After I finish the Potion and Thunder Pack updates I’m going to be working on some upgrades for Alloy as well.


Thanks. Looking forward to the updates.

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