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hi I am considering the purchase of Alloy.
I’d like to know how you can integrate the blog inside of a Foundry website.

I’d like to setup a separate blog page but having a “latest blog entry” space on the home page that would show the last post/s.
Is there a way to achieve that?


Hi there @Pitti_Uomo

Yes. Alloy comes with a stack called “Recent Posts.” There’s a video about it on the tutorials page of the Alloy site. Visit that page and scroll down until you see the video titled “Categories & Recent Posts.”

The Recent Posts stack is also covered in the Alloy Documentation as well.

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Thanks I missed that.
I see it doesn’t have many style options (no picture or text preview) but it may be good enough.
in the future it would be nice to have a dedicated stack like Card from Foundry to showcase the latest blog entry (with the classic “read more” link) on another page but I read somewhere it is not the idea behind Alloy.

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The Recent Posts stack will get some updates in the next version.

I am unsure what you’re referring to.

just something I read as an answer from this forum, maybe my english is failing me here.
It was about the core concept behind Alloy being a classic blog.
I’ll quote it if I find it

“Alloy is not designed to work that way. Alloy generates the blog post pages on the fly based off the URL for the post. You can link directly to a blog post page, but you can’t insert an individual post into a page – that is if I’m understanding what you’re trying to do correctly.”

I think it is a language barrier. Alloy is a traditional blog. It is not a CMS, or Content Management System. This means Alloy is for producing blog posts. Not other content. That said recent postings are a part of a blog, and thus why there is a Recent Posts stack.

yes I looked other posts as well.
Thanks I’ll think about it.
Editing from a browser is already cool enough especially for the price tag