One Alloy Blog Post Per Page?

How do I set up Alloy so that any one designated blog post can appear on a page?

Alloy is not designed to work that way. Alloy generates the blog post pages on the fly based off the URL for the post. You can link directly to a blog post page, but you can’t insert an individual post into a page – that is if I’m understanding what you’re trying to do correctly.

I believe this is the same thing you were trying to do here as well, correct?

If so, that is not how the stack works.

Thanks Adam
I don’t think I made myself very clear in the previous topic but you did answer my question - Alloy won’t let me do what I wanted to do.
This time I am asking something more specific - can I have one designated blog post appear on a page.
And now you’ve answered that as well.
I raised this question and the previous one because what I want can be done with Armadillo which I used before Alloy came along. Alloy and Armadillo are of course based on completely different technologies. I like Alloy because of its ease of use, UX design aspects and support from this forum. I’m still getting the hang of it.
Thanks again.

Glad I could clear that stuff up for you.

Alloy is designed as a traditional blogging platform. It isn’t meant to work as a CMS or any combination of the two. It is a straight forward blog, with an online backend for editing that blog content online without needing to re-publish your site or use a database driven system.

I could probably work up a tool to do something like you’re trying to do, but it takes the product away from what I’d designed it to be. Maybe it will evolve at some point, but my current plans for it don’t take it down that sort of path at this time.

@Phloque I don’t think this will necessarily help you but there is one way you can put Alloy stuff on other pages: the Recent Posts stack. It’s basically a set of links, but used thoughtfully it might help you a bit on other pages.

Thanks Adam. Thanks mitchelm

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