Center Navigation Items in Navigation Bar tool

How can I center ALL my titles in the NavBar??

Are you referring to your menu items?

Do you mean the text or so that the navigation itself sits central and underneath the text above it?

Add this to your code settings under the css tab (unless I overlooked a setting in Blacksmith):

ul.navbar-nav {
	justify-content: center!important;

Navigations are usually styled unordered lists ul. This piece of code targets the unordered list that has a class of .navbar-nav applied to it. That’s a standard Bootstrap class to give the list some basic navigational look.

Since the unordered list also has a class with the wonderful name of justify-content-end applied to it, which forces a right-align of the menu item, we need to override that. Hence the !important after the css rule I posted. Last !important wins :stuck_out_tongue:


This option will be available in the next update.


Nice. Makes it even easier :wink:

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Navigation Alignment, and more is in the v3.2023.02.13 update that released today.


Great timing! 222222222222222222

I updated to the new version of Foundry, but cannot get the “CENTER” alignment of the menu item to work… THANKS!

Did you save your project file then restart Rapidweaver before trying this setting?
It is working for me.

Check the version number of Foundry in your control center stack, it should look like this

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OOPS! Mr. Fumble Fingers! Its working fine…sorry!

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