F3 Nav Bar alignment question

This is a dumb question BUT I can’t seem to find how to adjust the toggle button for the navigation bar. All the items are on the right side and the mobile toggle is on the left, how do I center them?

side note: Would love to have the option to make the entire bar the toggle button like you could in mega menu. Hopefully there is some section I am just missing :man_shrugging:

Also Adam I would love to have the SEEK search stack in Foundry 3. I used that!

The available options for the mobile navigation display are found here in the Navigation Bar settings:

Can you show me a screenshot of what you’re referring to? I ask because this is the way the items are aligned for the mobile navigation in Foundry 3 and it sounds a bit different to me, from your description, than what I would expect:

I can’t do that here as it would then disallow the branding links that people add to help users go back to the home page.

That tool was heavily jQuery based, so with the elimination of jQuery from Foundry 3 it didn’t get a counterpart. It is on my list of things to work on. It’ll be determined by whether there’s a good, non-jQuery alternative or not that works within the bounds of the API for Stacks.

So what I was trying to do is set the laptop view to be centered and have the toggle button on mobile on the right hand side. I don’t see a section where you can align navigation items?

thanks for your help!

That is not an option of the Navigation Bar:

I’ll look at the toggle being left-justified though when no logo or site title is present. Have you toggled those off, or just left them blank out of curiosity?

they are toggled off. A little more alignment options in the nav bar would be really great, maybe put in your “maybe to do” list? Thanks for the help again!