F3 Navigation Bar Dropdown Feature Request

Hi Adam,

As I’m continuing to master F3, I have come across something that I can’t find an answer for here on the forum or via your wonderfully thorough videos, so I’m thinking that this may be a feature request.

Within the navigation bar, utilitizing the dropdown feature, I have made one dropdown (For now) as a type of “mega menu” by following one of your videos.

Within each dropdown you offer us a “flush align” property that works well. However, when one decides to change the min-width of a dropdown and place columns within that dropdown, it’s quite possible the the flush align will push a portion of the “mega menu” off screen.

Would it be possible to add an offset to the flush align property to allow us to individually control each dropdowns position?

Offsets are doable, but I suspect you’re going to run into problems with such a feature at the smaller mobile breakpoints.

Maybe you could add this too each dropdown just under the offset value?

Go ahead and follow the instructions here for creating a feature request and I’ll keep it in mind for a future update in some shape or form is possible:

Hi… I’m trying to develop a dropdown similar to the screen shot in this discussion. I can’t figure out how to expand the dropdown (three columns) to a larger width on hovering. I can only do it when I embed an accordian that is full width (filled with content) and click on the accordian drop down… Then the container under the menu expands to show my 3 columns. Not sure any of that made sense :frowning: Thank you!

Not sure exactlly what you’re going for but you can drag a Container tool inside of your drop down and within it then add Columns / Grid to have a gridded layout in the drop down.

Today I learned containers fit into navigation bar dropdowns!

Also, that screenshot does NOT have the “dropdown” chevrons displayed on the parent menu items. How do we hide those?